How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Choosing the Best Pharmacy Technician Colleges and Training Programs….Picking out the best pharmacy technician colleges that will offer the best review and training programs can be quite complicated, owing to the fact that there are a lot of options that are available to you.

However, you need to make sure that you do everything that you can to pick out the best college, for you to be able to get the best training that you can afford. Fortunately, there are certain things that you may do to increase your chances of arriving at the best possible solution. Other than asking for professional advice, these techniques may be your best ways of choosing the college that will offer you the best pharmacy technician program.

For one, make sure that you limit your choices to colleges and training programs that cater specifically to the field that you plan to join after securing your certification. Schools specialize on their own respective aspects of pharmacology, for the different skills require their own sets of skills and techniques.

To increase your chances of getting the job that you want, then you need to make sure that you enrol in programs that will train you for them. You can do this by browsing through the course syllabus and finding out whether the courses that are included will serve your cause.

And be sure to your choices to colleges, schools and programs thathire the best professionals on their rosters. While it may be true that preparing for the certification exam may be done mainly through written resources, learning from the best practitioners in the field will definitely boost the benefits that you will gain from your training.

There is no doubt that learning from professionals who have already put in their own respective years on the field will help you in getting the best training that you can.

There are various tasks that you would have to perform in line with the job that you will take up and, obviously, it is important that you get the necessary training that will prepare you for these tasks. It will be beneficial for you if you try to get the basic run down of things that will be expected from you and if you, at least, consult a member of the College Board about the help that you will get in securing the skills for these responsibilities.

A quick consultation between you and the representative of your potential pharmacy technician colleges will help you with this matter.

Finally, make sure that you enrol in the specific program that will be beneficial for you. If you are only starting out in the field, then apply to a pharmacy technician course that will gear you with the basic info about the profession. If you are on your way taking your accreditation exam, then an intensive review program should do it.

Make sure that you apply to the right type of program that will best help you in achieving your goal. Pharmacy technician colleges are fully equipped with the various resources that you need to get the most of your education.

Pharmacy Technician Career is on the rise

Pharmacy-TechnicianAre you thinking of making the switch to a health care career? Well, you should be. With the advancement of technology for new drugs, and the rising number of people gaining access to prescription medication due to the better health laws being made available, pharmacies and dispensaries are expecting a rapid rise in new clients. A career in pharmacy may be the best way to secure your future, and there is no better way to lay the foundation for a successful pharmacy job than to start your career as a Pharmacy Technician.

So what does a Pharmacy Technician do, you might ask. Medical assistant job duties consist of working alongside pharmacists and supervising the operations of a pharmacy, a drug store, a hospital dispensary or even a drug counter in a shopping department. With the primary job of a pharmacist to prescribe the needed medication to a patient, a pharmacy technician will see to it that the patient receives the right medication he or she was prescribed.

Other pharmacy technician duties include labeling and monitoring of the medication, whether in a drug retail store, an independently owned pharmacy, or an online drug store. You might think that a pharmacy assistant spends most of his time behind the counter of a pharmacy, but other responsibilities include taking occasional visits to a doctor’s office to make sure the right medication is being provided, and even working with insurance companies to make sure all transactions have been paid for.

So how do you become a pharmacy technician? Since the job requires a lot or organizing and labeling, you should have the skill or desire in being organized. Also, this job requires you to come in contact with doctors and patients, so a sociable character goes a long way in having a successful pharmacy assistant job. In some cases, especially in pharmacies that do not hire pharmacy aides, a technician may have to take on additional duties such as clerical and administrative jobs.

Having some background and experience on those aspects is crucial to climbing up the pharm tech ladder. When it comes to education, one must have at least a high school diploma, or the equivalent of it, to make it at entry level. This varies from state to state, but if you should take the next step and get a pharmaceutical technician certification, then a high school diploma is most definitely needed.

If job security is a must for you, or if you do have plans of becoming a pharmacist in the future, then a job as a pharmacy technician might be the first crucial step to getting the ball rolling toward your dreams. It guarantees that you will have a place in a career that gives you lots of time to grow, since positions in this area are always available in different states in the country. It also gives you a firm background on medicine and pharmaceuticals, if ever you plan on pursuing a career as a licensed pharmacist. No other job provides you with a great foundation and the knowledge needed in becoming a pharmacist.

“The official pharmacy job description” below will try to cover the salient points of the profession. Technical jobs have always been on the rise due to the need for human involvement, it is a profession that touches people on a personal basis. There are standards to the job that we will embellish on, to give the reader a more in depth idea of the tasks required.

Nature of the profession:

The tasks required of a pharmacy technician revolve around the retail side of the business. It is the primary task of the pharmacy technician to assist the pharmacist in handling medications, labeling and in receiving pharmacy requests. In smaller pharmacies, they also do clerical work. In a larger more commercially focused establishment they primarily act as assistants to the licensed pharmacist.


Formal training is offered to those interested in the profession, but most states only require a high school diploma to be hired as a pharmacy technician. A majority of establishments offer on the job training opting for this since it’s customizes the learning curve of the technician.

Note of advancement:

The official certified pharmacy technician job description would like to encourage formal training as a more viable option. Although most states do not require formal training, having the proper training creates a “paper trail” which allows more chances of advancement compared to those who did not undergo specialized training.

Qualifications and certification:

There are two private organizations involved in the certification process, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification for Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT). Conduct national certification examinations.

Requirements are that the applicant must be in possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent, has not been convicted or charged with a crime involving drug or pharmacy related crimes. This is to insure the character of those handling potentially addicting or prohibited drugs.

Once a candidate successfully gets certified this remains valid for up to two years. During which he must undergo 20 hours of continuing education, this may be acquired through a community college, training programs and those offered by Organizations in the profession. This may also be obtained via 10 hours direct supervision from a licensed pharmacist.

Other requisites:

Since this is a people oriented job, good socialization and interpersonal skills are considered sacrosanct. Lacking this, the pharmacy technician might very well be stuck doing menial tasks reserved for aides. A certain amount of familiarity with basic accounting as well as cash management is considered desirable in a potential candidate for employment. Having a varied amount of skills allows the technician to do more task more proficiently always a high point that employers look for.

Employment prospects:

The official pharmacy technician job description, lists around 54,900 pharmacy technician jobs in 1998, with a potential for growth at 25% per year until 2018. This is an area of growth that is promising for those who would consider as a viable vocation.